My Story

A Thing Recollected

2021selfportraitCatherine Costanzo is a film and digital photographer from Cleveland, OH where she was born and raised. During the weekdays she is a full-time digital designer. In her spare time she never stops searching for a photo that tells a unique story. As long as she can remember she was experimenting with a camera; it didn’t matter whether it was a disposable, AA battery operated, a flip phone lens, a makeshift pinhole camera, instant film or more than 20 megapixels. If there was a way to freeze a moment in time; she was itching for it to be done. And nothing has changed.

One summer, while visiting her grandfather in Arizona he gave her an original Polaroid 600 Land Camera. For years, it sat on a shelf for display. Come January 2018 she discovered it truly worked. Boxy, noisy, clunky yet still capable of creating beautiful chemical impressions.

Polaroids have become her favorite way to bring a scene to life. And with the recent rebirth of Polaroid and instant film she found solace in creating tangible art again.

“There is no app filter that compares to what happens inside a Polaroid camera.”

On her work, “For me, shadow and light are incredible performers for my photographic stories. Through photography, I get to write my own tales. A single photograph can tell a two hour story. So when I play with shadows bouncing off buildings and walls it allows me to bring more characters to the scene. When the light hits just right and the shadows fall in place, that scene becomes a whole new realm. It may only be for a moment, but it’s all I need to capture it forever.”

I hope you enjoy my gallery as much as I get excited about a fresh pack of film. You can join me and many others passionate about Polaroid and film photography here.   Much love, C